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Baby Signs parent course

The Baby Signs course for parents gives you an indepth look into the Babygebaren program where parents learn valuable techniques to stimulate the communication and language development with their child. During the course you will learn how to introduce new signs and use them in different situations. The signs that are taught can be used during daily routines, during play and you will learn how to stimulate your childs language development in a creative and playful way. Furthermore, we will explain the advantages of using Baby Signs and how to incorporate the signs in a multilingual family. The first class is 2 hours long. After the first class you will have learned 50 signs! A baby signs dictionary booklet is included which you will receive at the first class.

The Baby Signs parent course is comprised of 3 classes. Once you have learned the Babygebaren method and basic signs during the first class, during the second and third class you will be taught how to recognize your childs signs, attention-getting strategies and how to take baby signing to the next level. You will also be able to share your experince and get tailored tips for your own situation. The second and third class are 1.5hrs long.

Your child is welcome to attend but it is not necessary, we reccomend not to bring children who are mobile. Ideally both parents should attend the course if possible however another care giver of the same child or a grandparent is also welcome to come instead. 

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